T&I naantali 36
maisema 2

A few weeks ago we took a train to Turku and went by bus to Naantali which is a beautiful, little town by the sea. There's a really nice old town with cute little boutiques and colorful little houses. We  strolled around Naantali and took a lot of pictures. Sometimes it's nice to travel in your own home country without traveling abroad :) 
- Teresa & Isa

T&I naantali 2

maisema 1

Isa naantali 23

maisema 3

T&I naantali 4

Teresa naantali 11

T&I naantali 8

jätskit naantali

Teresa naantali 9

T&I naantali 24

Teresa naantali 6Isa naantali 31
T&I naantali 15

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